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Event Planning, Execution, and Management

Site Selection and Venue Management

Budget Development and Oversight

In-Venue Fan Experience

Safety, Security, and Access Planning


Event Publicity, Marketing, and Social Media

Promotional Products and Swag

Ticketing Operations

Event Logistics

Sponsorship Sales and Fulfillment


Performance Analytics Research

Public Relations

Community Development

Media Planning and Marketing

Engagement and Storytelling

Digital and Social Media Influencer Strategy

Sponsorship Consulting and Activation 


Graphic Design

Invitations and Event Flyers

Event Webpages and Registration

Marketing and Brand Development

Event Presentation

Content Design and Production

Video Production


The Power of Teams

At Campio we believe in the power of teams. By bringing people together we work to create a unique experience for everyone. We have assembled a group of passionate and innovative individuals who are all about making our partners win!


When it comes to developing an event centered around sports, we understand the importance of building lasting memories and providing memorable activities to the event. We work tirelessly to create unforgettable event experiences for our partners as well as the participants. From golf events to basketball events, we have helped numerous universities and organizations create meaningful events

that are successful.

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